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Here is a fun video of a couple of Taiwan Missionaries. One of them happens to be my neighbor. I think they give a good representation of missionary work with the Chinese people.

Taiwan Missionaries

Chinese Missionaries

Chinese Missionaries

I had the great fortune of serving a LDS mission in the Washington D.C. North Mission. At the time there was only our little Montgomery Chinese Branch which met in an old chapel in Potomac Maryland.

Montgomery Chinese Branch

Montgomery Chinese Branch

It was frustrating sometimes to meet someone who spoke mandarin chinese but lived in Virginia, which was outside our mission boundaries. The Washington D.C. South Mission at the time did not have Chinese speaking missionaries.

I am happy to finally see a branch formed in that area. KSL article. The Twin Lakes Chinese Branch will meet in Centreville, Virginia. It is very exciting to see the growth of the church in that area in providing chinese speaking members a place to hear the gospel in their native language.


Hosea Stout

Hosea Stout

In August of 1852 the first missionaries were called to Asia. Four were called but only three made the journey. They arrived in Hong Kong on April 27, 1853. Hosea Stout kept a journal which has been published a few times.

You can read a typescript of his journals here: Diary of Hosea Stout

Another mentions in the Millennial Star can be read here:,17044 and here:

CHINA MISSION.- We have received a letter from Elder James Lewis, dated San Francisco February 14, who, with Elders Hosea Stout and Duncan Chapman, is on a mission to China. Elder Lewis states that, at the date of his letter, all the Elders for the other missions had sailed from San Francisco, and that himself and Elders Stout and Chapman were expecting to sail in a few days from there, for Hong Kong. It is our prayer that these brethren may be enabled to open the doors and windows of the “Celestial Empire,” that its inhabitants may be cheered with the celestial light that is now beaming from the heaven of heavens. It will afford us special pleasure to hear from time to time of the progress of the various missions which are now on foot amongst the nations.



Prayer Steps – Proper Vocabulary for Praying in Chinese


胡唯一 Article July 1992

胡唯一 Article July 1992

胡唯一敎長 – Below is the text from a Liahona article about Hu Wei-Yi, the translator of the Chinese Book of Mormon.



















Liahona 05-11 –
Liahona 05-2011 – Taiwan Site

Text is not yet available on the new site, but you can watch video or listen to the talks in Mandarin.

Should be up soon.

I came across this video series on YouTube. It is a history of Missionaries and the Church in Taiwan. It includes a great interview of Hu Wei-I 胡唯一。


Today I was looking through the 1974 issues of the 聖徒之聲. On page two of the September issue I found a stylized quote from the recently translated Doctrine & Covenants. The Taiwan edition was published in April of 1974.

Here is a scan of that verse.


This translation held through until the D&C was retranslated in 2007. Here is the new translation.



“Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things”

Meridian Magazine – Missionary Moments: Chinese Book of Mormon Translation: The Rest of the Story.

Chinese Media

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I read an interesting article on CNN today. A famous Chinese blogger named Han Han who created magazine and tried to get it published, but had difficulty getting it through the government approval system. Article.

The writer mentions two interesting things that may be of interest to those wishing to see the gospel spread throughout china:

  1. There are three different sets of “licenses and permits” needed to get anything published and distributed in China. This would make it difficult to get religious materials distributed. Plenty of places to for the material to rejected.
  2. The blogger Han Han is stopping the production because he doesn’t see a chance for change until the current leadership changes in 2012. Change is always good.

With the letter from the “Elders” to the Chinese government a few weeks back and other loosening of restrictions I hope to see positive change in the coming years.