Letters in the Jade Dragon Box

I recently finished reading this new book by Gale Sears. It is a Historical Novel based in Hong Kong around the time of Mao ZeDong‘s death in 1976. Some of the character in the story are very real people while some are complete fiction.

I rather enjoyed the plot. I found the story be quite wonderful and very believable. The main character Wen-shan’s is one of discovery as she learns more about her past and mother she can’t remember.

I found the details of life in Hong Kong to be written very well. The food, the landscape, the culture all seemed to be portrayed correctly. The parts of the book that seemed a bit difficult are the notes written and the end of each chapter. Some notes precede the mention in the story and some come after. The emotion of the author toward Communism is made well know by the comments she chooses to make in the notes. It is obvious the author has done much research on China and the LDS church, but I believe it to be difficult to describe a time such as the cultural revolution without having lived through it. In talking with friends that lived in China during that time I got a sense of mixed emotion, a sense of pride in their country yet remorse for such difficult times.

I loved reading a work of fiction that included two of my favorite topics,, the LDS Church and China. The parts in the book relating to the church were very well placed and did not overpower the storyline.  I was glas to see the author was able to spend time with H. Grant Heaton and his wife before he passed away. Overall I enjoyed reading the book and I am happy to see such a rare occurrence of published material about China and the LDS Church.