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I just read an interesting article about Christianity in China. If you would like to learn more and read other books on the subject, you can read the article here: I also read a recent article on CNN about an interview with John Huntsman about the future of China and the country opening more […]

The LDS Church has released a new iOS app of the Book of Mormon. The app contains the Book of Mormon in several languages including Chinese. If you are still waiting like I am for the Gospel Library app to be updated with Chinese material, this app may get you by for awhile.  

Just announced, 6 Issues of the Liahona in Simplified Chinese You can order copies from the online store:

The new has finally updated the general conference section in Chinese. It is still missing last conference and a couple in the early 2000’s. Hopefully soon they will have all the conferences back to 1990.

Deseret News has a column in todays paper about the Chinese Book of Mormon. There is one small mistake in the caption for the image of the first edition. It is labeled as a “Mandarin Chinese” Book of Mormon, which is incorrect. Actually the first Edition Chinese book of Mormon was translated in Taiwan but […] obituary Warren Brent Hardy served a mission in the Southern Far East Mission in 1956. Then back with his wife as the President of the Southern Far East Mission. He also went back with his wife in 1998 as the President of the Hong Kong Temple. He has done a lot for the Church […]

I recently finished reading this new book by Gale Sears. It is a Historical Novel based in Hong Kong around the time of Mao ZeDong‘s death in 1976. Some of the character in the story are very real people while some are complete fiction. I rather enjoyed the plot. I found the story be quite […]

H. Grant Heaton

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H. Grant Heaton Passed away this last week. He was the one of the first missionaries to Hong Kong in the early 1950’s and the first Mission President in the Chinese Realm for the Southern Far East Mission. He will be missed by many. Here is a link a Deseret News article for […]

Here is a fun video of a couple of Taiwan Missionaries. One of them happens to be my neighbor. I think they give a good representation of missionary work with the Chinese people. Taiwan Missionaries

I had the great fortune of serving a LDS mission in the Washington D.C. North Mission. At the time there was only our little Montgomery Chinese Branch which met in an old chapel in Potomac Maryland. It was frustrating sometimes to meet someone who spoke mandarin chinese but lived in Virginia, which was outside our […]