Yesterday, Thursday the 6th of March was the first day of a two day conference on “The Worldwide Church: The Global Reach of Mormonism“.

We were privileged to hear from John Hilton III and Felipe Chou on the first few years of the Church in Taiwan.

You can see the full schedule here.

Adam Mears reported on the presentations in the Daily Universe.

John Hilton III presented on the first four missionaries to Taiwan. He spoke on the difficulties they experienced including the death of Elder Madsen and the small growth in the beginning. It wasn’t long before growth surpassed Hong Kong as the church established itself on the island.

John Hilton III

John Hilton III presenting on early missionary work in Taiwan.

Felipe Chou then spoke about the rapid growth during the 1970’s as the missionaries increased and as Chinese language material became more available. The Doctrine & Covenants in 1974 and the Pearl of a Great Price in 1976. The first stake was established in 1976 as well.

Felipe Chou

Felipe Chou presenting on the growth of the church in Taiwan during the 1970’s.